Collection: E-Book Don't Give Up


My name is Rena Day, I’m a wife, mother, author, successful entrepreneur, Business Midwife, breast cancer advocate, CEO and Founder of a nonprofit called Out the Pink Closet!

My passion for entrepreneurship began after spending many years as an underpaid and unappreciated employee.

After more than a decade of mentoring small business owners, I found myself with a lot of powerful stories.

I turned these lessons from my coaching as a Business Midwife into my first journal, titled “Don’t Give Up” in 2020.

Through years of mentoring, I always saw the obstacles of fear and failure standing in the way of my clients’ success.

This trend of shutting down when facing obstacles is what inspired me to create a written document.

Now you can learn lessons from the labors of other entrepreneurs and use the advice that I provided to help birth your own success.

Don't give up" is a powerful resource aimed at entrepreneurs who have lost the will to fight.

This journal will take you on an uplifting journey that will demolish your obstacles and reignite your passion.

Not only will you be encouraged by the wisdom on every page but you will gain information that will change your perspective on business, life, and more importantly, yourself.

If you are an entrepreneur who has experienced failure in the past or a new entrepreneur who is afraid of stepping out for the fear of failure, then this journal is for you.

Prepare yourself for an honest journey of reflection and introspection that will lead you to success.